Under huge trees there are azaleas, rhododendrons and various other shrubs. There is a water garden, a rose garden and in the spring a large variety of honeysuckle (Lonicera) perfumes the air. The Park is dominated by a lime tree allée and a lake with its own island. In 2009  a summer-house “Gloriette” was constructed near the castle lake, it offers visitors refreshments and a pleasant place to sit and watch the wildlife on the lake. Near the summer-house there is a much frequented children’s playground.

A part of the park has a game enclosure with white fallow deer and a family of stag Dybowsky. A wild boar called “Máňa” and her child also lives in the game enclosure and has her own admirers.

The park has various statues. In 2001 the first statue by Vladimir Pešek, a red stork, was placed at the entrance gate to welcome visitors. Then came other pieces – on the lake a dragonfly, on the meadow a Cyclist, a wooden torso and silver horses, all by Vladimír Pešek. Miloslav Kapras is the author of our last additions, in sandstone: The Tree man and the Head of a water sprite.


Since 1994 we have been planting old-fashioned roses in the park.  Most of them have come from abroad. There are more than 200 varieties, all of which are identified.  The best time to visit the Rosarium in Častolovice is the end of May or at the beginning of June, when the roses are at their best.


Practically from the moment that the castle of Častolovice and its park were returned to its former owners a sanctuary for birds living in their natural habitat was created. Various birdhouses were built and placed in the park, to date there are more than a hundred. Apart from what nature provides the birds feed on leftovers in the game reserve and the mini-zoo.

In the early morning bird lovers can often see storks walking the meadows and in the afternoon herons fishing on the lake, where also families of wild duck nest.

Birds of prey sit in the old oaks and the hooting of owls is heard in the night.
In the spring and the time of nesting the park is truly alive.